Allan Hale
Managing Director
Allan Hale

Allan Hale is the Managing Director for Redwood Tax Specialists. Allan’s team of experts are seasoned veterans within the financial services space that will deliver value before offering any type of product.  In the late 1980’s Allan served in the Marine Corps for the President of the United States providing security for Marine One Helicopters and was a contractor for the State Department for some time afterward.

Allan’s mission is to educate business owners and CPA’s on the effective, comprehensive, tax strategies for businesses that are not found on Main Street. His team of CPA’s have saved both Wall Street companies and small business owners over $1 billion in taxes, with many clients experiencing a 50% reduction in their tax liability.

Allan is a dog lover but owns two cats instead. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids in Houston, Texas. He has always wanted to go deep sea fishing, and enjoys watching people play golf as he drives by the golf course to take his sons to their events.

“We significantly reduce taxes above and beyond what you'll find on Main Street.”